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Green Surfing Mare

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The island of Paros





Green Surfing Mare




                                                   Green Surfing Mare Villa


Green Surfing Mare Villa






A unique experience

bathed in Mediterranean sunlight




“Pending between wave and wind”

Arhilochos of Paros (680-630 BC poet)


Discover nature’s little secrets, when you and the environment are in perfect harmony. Discover your own piece of paradise along the sensational sandy beach in this sun-blessed retreat.



All of nature’s ancient elements, water, earth, air and sun’s fire meet with imagination harmoniously. Experience a most beguiling blend of sun, sea and sand. Feel the warm sun and cool breezes dancing through the air.




Vacation, honeymoon, write a book, get lost, drop out or just find yourself. Beauty will lull you to sleep and steal your very soul. Spend quiet relaxed evenings in an atmosphere of relaxed elegance creating memories to last a lifetime.



In the delightful Cycladic setting of Green Surfing Mare, a quiet elegant beachfront idyllic villa nestled at the water edge where pace of life is unhurried and the sun seems to set just for you, not a tourist but a guest, with a beach only steps from your door.




Enjoy azure skies and turquoise waters in a seaside fantasy fulfillment with a blend of heritage and stylish comfort.




Skies smiling down on you and sunlit waters merrily beckon.

Celebrate life’s simple yet immortal treasures.








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