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The island of Paros





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                                      The island of Paros


  Once you visit Paros, you will never see the world, or yourself, in quite the same way again.  The land gods reserved for themselves, the land of contemplation, awe, history, artistry, is also a land adorned with a marvelous multitude of islands, the cradle of Greek civilization. In the heart of the island archipelago, where Cycladic culture blossomed around five thousand years ago, stands Paros. Echoes of Cycladic culture resonate in the stones of ancient temples, sculptures and writings like the Cycladic figurines of rare beauty and the poems of Arhilochos.

  The welcoming, warm, friendly and harmonious attitude of locals, taking particular pride in making every visitor feel right at home, reflects the harmony of nature and stems from a very old tradition: the king of ancient Greek gods, Zeus, was often called “xenios”, embodying the obligation to be hospitable, generous and courteous to any guest, who should be treated as if potentially a disguised divinity.


  Stunning sandy beaches and crystalline waters, a sailor’s paradise and the perfect windsurfing conditions have all helped make the island famous the world over. Contemporary Paros boasts a beautiful lacework sandy or pebbly coastline interspersed with pristine, idyllic beaches having clear blue water, wonderful architectural specimens dominated by white color, enchanting hinterland and traditional Cycladic character, as well as customs and culture that continue to fascinate and promise to compose an unsurpassed journey through its indigenous sights and unique flavors. The island exhibits a vibrant gastronomy scene offering amazing culinary experiences and delights as well as arts and crafts exhibitions and workshops.


  Enjoy the marvelous, crystal-clear water of some of the breathtakingly seductive sandy beaches of the island:

      The beach in front of the Green Surfing Mare Villa, one of the top kite and wind- surfing locations in the world:

      Alyki beach, a long, beautiful, sandy beach having also several tavernas nearby.

      A blissful swimming experience awaits you in Faragas beach, with kayak rental usually available.

      Kolymbithres beach formed by a rare geological phenomenon, with sea-bicycle rental usually available, nearby the artificial waterslides and the Park of Paros.

And several other options like Chryssi Akti, Lolandonis, Santa Maria, …

  Visit the hidden Monasteries of Loggovarda, Holy Cross & St. Arsenios, St. Antonios, St. Georgios and St. Anargyroi…and get in touch with the island traditions by participating in local celebrations honouring Saint name-days around the year in more than four hundred churches dispersed around Paros.


  Head to Paroikia to make a pilgrimage at Ekatontapiliani and visit its small Byzantine museum, to stroll through the capital’s two main market streets, to dine, to watch a film in its open-air cinema, to reach Marcello when our part of the island is too windy for swimming, or to see the exhibits at the archaeological museum.


    The picturesque village of Alyki, just a 5-minute drive away from the  Villa, has anything you may need, in small quantities, yet top quality: local taverns on the seafront serving fresh fish and traditional island specialties, a laographic museum, cafes and bars, a supermarket, a pharmacy and much more.

    Have lunch or dinner in tavernas with tables on beaches of incomparable charm. Head to Naoussa for its market, vibrant nightlife, laographic museum, venician castle and old harbour full of nice restaurants and bars offering sophisticated cocktails. Visit local wineries. Head to Petaloudes for butterfly-watching. Head to the inland village of Lefkes, possibly making a stop at   Marathi ancient marble quarry.

   Head to Antiparos to explore the island’s cave, have a traditional dinner after strolling through the town’s main market street, or travel further to St. George beach and its nearby beach caves or Despotiko, a small island further away with its recently discovered ancient temple.



   Take other boat trips like a daytrip to the nearby islands of Naxos, Iraklia and Koufonissi. Live the ultimate island-hoping adventure in the majestic Aegean archipelago, especially if you plan to stay longer than a week.


   Go through the “Parola” magazine to keep track of the many athletic events and local festivals all year round, under the moonlight if you are lucky, like Greek shadow theater (Karagiozis) plays, traditional folkloric dancing nights and take part in various musical and cultural events. Try choice local products like exceptional honey, wine, cheese, olive oil and kapari.

Paros has everything one could want from a Greek island and will satisfy even the most discerning travelers.