Green Surfing Mare Villa


                                     Unique experiences

It is legendary that those who visit Cyclades have the ability to set adrift the stress and anxieties through the many sounds, visions and tastes of the Mediterranean lifestyle offering unforgettable, heavenly and inviting island experiences. Finding diversions is never hard and leaving them never easy. Your choice of doing nothing (no penalties for laziness) may be rivaled by sports like kite-surfing, windsurfing etc, or by rekindling romance with a walk on the beach under the moonlight. For those who do more than dream, Green Surfing Mare is a place for ‘watchers’ as well as ‘doers’:



    After a day of exploring, indulge in an evening of toe tipping and dancing as the sun sets. And when you’re staying a stone’s throw away from Pounda beach, there is really no excuse not to!



   Watch an amazing Cycladic sunset sink over the hills of Antiparos before taking a starlight stroll. Write your own story of romance while the sea is kissing the sand.



Take a midnight swim in azure seas beneath a chandelier of stars, which seem more like diamonds tossed around the Milky way across the crystal clear blackness of sky. You may also wish to explore these in more detail in periods when the villa’s telescope is on service. Planets can be best seen by sunset, usually near the sun. When there is no moon, watch the stars and the beautiful light river of the Milky way on the sky filled with a million stars and minimal light pollution. When there is moon, watch the moon’s light river on the surface of the sea.



    Dining all’ aperto in this incomparable setting, watch the great big sea change hues from emerald green to sapphire blue. Enjoy romantic candlelight dinners, liqueur or ice-cream admiring the sunset or later, watching Antiparos’ lights below and stars twinkling above. 




    Hiking: head into the hills. Discover villages untouched by tourism and romantic hideaways nestled in some of the world's most breathtaking settings.



    Bicycling, swimming, snorkeling



        …windsurfing (equipment available), kite-surfing

        (rental hub and surfing school within 200m),



kitesurf- watching…





…and bird-watching in a protected marine park between the

Villa and the sea while flocks of seagulls honk their way low over the beach



…prove that there is hardly a better place for the water enthusiast.






    After a 20 min. sea-side walk (or a 10 min. drive) to Pounda, take the ferry arriving after just another 6 min. to Antiparos. The Villa’s location gives effectively immediate access to two islands, offering visitors the best of both worlds!




    Tour the island and enjoy pine forests, olive groves with silver leaves fluttering in the summer breeze, mountain landscapes, pretty coasts and beautiful villages.  Discover secret paths and trails through the hills leading to stunning locations. Sights you encounter are like a fairy tale. Letting yourself find its rhythm and embracing a landscape etched with indelible memories, it will reward you by revealing its best-kept secrets. Memories hard to erase will be ones connected with care-free living, freedom and contact with the magic of nature, a concentration of quality experiences and images of beauty hard to find elsewhere.



Here you can start a search for someone you may have lost track of: Yourself. Your quest may take you hiking, surfing, but regardless of which path you choose, you will always return to yourself. Only a little bit wiser. Feeling enriched with the emotions of an ennobling, revelatory experience, a source of inspiration motivating creatively, you will definitely not remain unchanged by Green Surfing Mare !